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Stop Paying Monthly Fees

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Enter your monthly cable bill below and we provide you a quick estimate on your savings. 

Estimated based upon standard installation cost of $395

You will save $925 in the first year and $6,205 after 5 years!

Professional HD Antenna Package

One time fee with no hidden or monthly fees
$ 395
One Time / No Monthly Fees
  • Professional Grade HD Antenna
  • Mounting Hardware and Wiring
  • Installation Labor
  • Connecting To Existing Wiring Inside House
  • Connecting 2 TVs
  • Programming TVs
  • Reference Guide
Or split into 4 no-interest payments of $98.75 and pay over 8 weeks.
Best Value and Most Features!

DVR + Whole Home Wireless Viewing

Professional + whole home wireless access & DVR
$ 595
One Time / No Monthly Fees
  • All Features of Base Installation, plus:
  • Networked DVR Box
  • No Additional Wiring Required
  • Access all on Smart Devices and TVs
  • Watch Your Games / Shows Even Outside Of House
  • DVR Recording
  • Access to additional free content

Or split into 4 no-interest payments of $148.75 and pay over 8 weeks.

* Antenna Hero is a one time purchase with no monthly fees.  However, the DVR has an optional monthly subscription fee to access some enhanced features. The monthly fee for optional service is $4.99 and billed through Tablo. 

What's Included With Every Installation

Professional HD Antenna

Antenna Hero uses the latest and highest rated HD antennas to maximize reception and clarity. Learn more about our award winning antenna.

Mounting Hardware

We provide all necessary mounting hardware to make sure the antenna is securely fastened to your house. 

Wiring Antenna To Existing Wiring

We will connect 2 TVs as base part of the base installation.  Additional TVs are $20 each. 

Upfront Pricing

We will provide you with upfront pricing before we start and let you know if there will be any additional charges.  We make sure there are no surprises. 

Financing Available

Antenna Hero provides for easy installment payments that can be split over an eight week period with no interest or fees. 

Antenna Hero App

Coming soon – The Antenna Hero app is your virtual TV watching assistant and will provide you with guide data and show notifications.

Add On Services

Wiring TVs

$1.50 / foot 

If new wiring is required to provide access to TVs that currently don’t have cable, we can handle for a simple rate.

3 Year Extended Warranty


In addition to the 1 year warranty, we provide a 3 year extended warranty so you can have peace of mind and never worry about your investment.

Additonal TVs

$20 / TV 

If you want to watch on more than 3 TVs, we are happy to help.  We will program and get all additional TVs setup for a flat rate. 

DVR and Wireless Access


Take advantage of the latest in OTA technology so you can record shows and watch across all smart devices, phone and tables.  Learn more.

All The Best Content

Get access to some of hte best content on TV including live sports, major events, top comedies and dramas and classic shows and movies.