Our Installation Process

How It Works?

Only a one-time investment and no monthly fees.

The best thing about using an antenna there are no monthly fees.  You can save $1000s each year by making the switch and still enjoying amazing top quality live sports, local news, and the most popular shows. 

We provide everything you need.

  • Running cable from the new antenna to your current TV.
  • Connecting to your existing coax wiring.
  • Connecting your TV and any additional equipment (sound bars, DVDs, etc.),
  • Programming and tuning your TV.

Outdoor antennas perform better than indoor antennas.

To ensure the best quality reception, we focus on outdoor antenna. Your outdoor antenna will be professionally secured in a location free from obstructions (trees, buildings, etc.). Mounting outdoors will ensure a strong signal and provide better reception.

Love the result or don't pay anything.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your antenna installation, please let us know before we leave the location where the install was completed. We will happily remove all equipment and you will not be charged.

What's Included With Every Installation

Professional HD Antenna

Antenna Hero uses the latest and highest rated HD antennas to maximize reception and clarity. Learn more about our award winning antenna.

Mounting Hardware

We provide all necessary mounting hardware to make sure the antenna is securely fastened to your house. 

Wiring Antenna To Existing Wiring

We will connect 2 TVs as base part of the base installation.  Additional TVs are $20 each. 

Upfront Pricing

We will provide you with upfront pricing before we start and let you know if there will be any additional charges.  We make sure there are no surprises. 

Financing Available

Antenna Hero has partnered with Affirm, the industry leading financing company, to provide easy and flexible payment options. 

Antenna Hero App

Coming soon – The Antenna Hero app is your virtual TV watching assistant and will provide you with guide data and show notifications.

What are the steps?

1. Professional installer comes to your house

An antenna hero professional installer will come to your house and check your potential reception quality.  He or she will review you a list of channels you will receive.  

2. Select the right antenna and determine the best location

Based upon your location and house type, the Antenna Hero installer will select the best antenna to maximize the number of channels you will receive. 

3. Mount the antenna and connect the wiring

The installer will then connect the antenna to your existing cable wiring in your house.  If you don’t have existing cable wiring, don’t worry, Antenna Hero has multiple options to ensure you still can receive free TV.

4. Program your TVs

After connecting the antenna and wiring it up, the Antenna Hero installer will make sure all your TV are connected properly and show you how to access all the channels. 

5. Make Sure You Are 100% Satisifed

When the Antenna Hero installation is complete, we will make sure you are 100% satisfied.  If you aren’t then you won’t have to pay anything and we will remove the antenna for free.