What is Over-The-Air TV?

Do you see those big antenna towers around your city?  Those are broadcast towers owned by your local news stations (called local network affiliates).  Each one has an agreement with one of the major networks (NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox) to broadcast their sports, movies and shows in your city.  

They are required by law provide this content free to anyone who wants to use an antenna.  It is the exact same NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox channels available on cable or satellite TV. 

Find what channels are available for free in your area.  In most cities you can access over 35 free channels!

Over-The-Air TV provides superior HD picture quality and access to your favorite local channels – FREE! 

All you need is a TV and a digital antenna. It’s a great way to cut the cord with pricey cable companies. Get your local and national news and weather, watch nationally televised sports, and more on your favorite local stations.

In the age of cable, digital TV, artificial intelligence and self-driving cars, OTA has remained steadfast and widely available… for good reason.


The Bachelor
Sunday Night Football
All American
The Bachelorette
This Is Us
The Flash
Big Brother
Grey's Anatomy
Hell's Kitchen
Chicago Fire
The Equalizer
The Goldbergs
The Simpsons
Law & Order: SVU
Superman and Lois
Young Sheldon
Station 19
Family Guy
Chicago Med
Kung Fu
And So Much More...
And So Much More...
And So Much More...
And So Much More...
And So Much More...

OTA channels deliver an uncompressed HD picture compared to cable companies, who often compress their signals to conserve bandwidth.  This means that the see get a higher quality picture when watching the main networks – NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX. There is no need for satellite, cable, or monthly fees with OTA. 

Curious how much you can save each year?  Try our calculator below:

How much can you save?

Enter your monthly cable bill below and we provide you a quick estimate on your savings. 

Estimated based upon standard installation cost of $349.

Consumers spend thousands of dollars every year on cable and satellite services that don’t deliver on quality, and oversell you on channels you never watch.

Another great benefit is that because OTA content is delivered via an antenna, it will never impact your internet data usage.