Make OTA Feel Like Cable

DVR and Whole Home Access

Antenna Hero has partnered with Tablo to bring their industry leading network enabled DVR to Antenna Hero customers. 

These DVRs connect to your home’s router and use WiFi or Ethernet to stream live and recorded Over-the-Air TV to Tablo apps on a wide variety of internet-connected devices inside or outside your home.

The next-generation approach of network-connected Tablo DVRs gives cord cutters maximum flexibility to watch their favorite show not only on Smart TVs and streaming devices, but on smartphones, tablets, and computers as well.



Record all your favorite shows so you never miss a moment. The Tablo DVR provides the experience you’d expect from cable or satellite. 

Electronic Program Guide

Tablo provides a feature rich program guide so you can see all the upcoming shows, movies and must-see events. 

Whole Home Access

Don’t have wiring for all your TV locations? No big deal. Tablo broadcasts the signal wirelessly through your whole house so you can watch on any smart TV or device. 

Watch Remotely

With Tablo, you can even watch your favorite shows and sports outside of your home on your phone or tablet through the Tablo app. 

How It Works

Unlike traditional DVRs that are tethered to a single TV with an HDMI cable, network-connected Tablo DVRs do not feature an HDMI connection.

Instead, these Tablo models are a whole-home DVR and placeshifter combined that uses WiFi or Ethernet to stream live and recorded HDTV content to Tablo apps on all the connected devices inside your home or anywhere you have high-speed internet.

Watch Live and Recorded Broadcast TV on Any Screen

Network-connected Tablo OTA DVRs hook up to your home’s internet router instead of a single TV via HDMI, so one network-connected Tablo OTA DVR lets you watch live and recorded television on any device in your home.