Stop paying monthly fees to watch TV.

Installing a high-definition antenna can provide you with free access to your local channels including the live sports, the most popular shows and must-see events.  

All your local and top networks are free with just an antenna

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What is Free TV (OTA)?

TV stations such as your local NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox channels are required by law to broadcast for free over-the-air (that means no monthly subscription fees).  All you need is just a quality HD antenna and you can watch up to 50 channels including some of the most popular shows on TV. 

How is it free?

Yes, it’s free and completely legal.  All broadcast companies (NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox) are required by law to broadcast their content and make it available to anyone through the use of an antenna.  Installing a high-definition antenna in your attic or on the outside of your house is the best way to take advantage of all the great free content. 

How much can you save?

Enter your monthly cable bill below and we provide you a quick estimate on your savings. 

Estimated based upon standard installation cost of $395.

You will save $925 in the first year and $6,205 after 5 years!

Live Sports

Watch almost every in market NFL game and some of the best regional and national live sport events (Super Bowl, Olympics,  March Madness, and more).

Local News

Watch your favorite, trusted local news channels with breaking news, in-depth reporting, and weather. 

"Must-See" Events

Most of the “must-see” events are available on broadcast. The Oscars, Grammy’s, Golden Globes, Olympics and more!


Some of the most watched shows of all times are available with just an antenna.  This includes NCIS, Law and Order, and so much more.  

What are the steps?

1. Professional installer comes to your house

An antenna hero professional installer will come to your house and check your potential reception quality.  He or she will review you a list of channels you will receive.  

2. Select the right antenna and determine the best location

Based upon your location and house type, the Antenna Hero installer will select the best antenna to maximize the number of channels you will receive. 

3. Mount the antenna and connect the wiring

The installer will then connect the antenna to your existing cable wiring in your house.  If you don’t have existing cable wiring, don’t worry, Antenna Hero has multiple options to ensure you still can receive free TV.

4. Program your TVs

After connecting the antenna and wiring it up, the Antenna Hero installer will make sure all your TV are connected properly and show you how to access all the channels. 

5. Make Sure You Are 100% Satisifed

When the Antenna Hero installation is complete, we will make sure you are 100% satisfied.  If you aren’t then you won’t have to pay anything and we will remove the antenna for free. 

Our Customers Love Their Antennas

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OTA and how does it work?

OTA stands for Over-The-Air TV.  Local TV companies (think your local news and weather) must by law broadcast their signals to their community.  This means that you are able to receive all their great content for free.  This includes all the live sports, TV shows, big events from leading channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CW, Ion and more. 

What channels can I receive and what shows can I watch?

Every market is different and it is all based upon your location.  Typically, if you are within 30-40 miles of the major broadcasting towers you will receive 30-50 channels.  This includes all the major networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and the CW along with many more channels that have amazing shows to watch.  

Is this legal?

Absolutely!  Broadcasts are required by law to make all their content available for free to their communities.  If you want to learn more about the Communications Act of 1934, click here

What's the monthly cost?

That’s the best part.  There are NO monthly changes to watch over-the-air TV.   Most people can pay back the one-time cost installation within 3-4 months as you are no longer paying $100+  a month for a cable subscription.  After that, its all about saving lots of money!

How does the picture quality compare to Cable or Satelite?

The antenna has come a long way from the one your grandparents used on their TV.   Today, antennas are high definition and very sleek.  The picture quality. you will receive on the major networks is even better than what you see on cable or satellite.  That’s because cable companies compress the signal as it gets sent on the cable to your house. 

Can I just use an indoor antenna? What are the benefits of professional installation?

While indoor antennas can work for some locations, typically you need the antenna to be in the exact right location in the house and need to be within 10 miles of all the towers.  Even with a perfect indoor setup, you may experience drops in signal due to the weather or other things blocking the signal.  A professionally installed outdoor antenna prevents most all of these problems and ensures you have the best possible reception, get the most channels and have the best quality. 

How long does a standard installation take?

A standard Antenna Hero installation can take between 2-4 hours. Our professional installers will be not leave until you are fully satisfied with the results!